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How Document Scanners are Useful for Teachers?

Dec 29,2020

A document scanner is an ideal device for the teachers as it can do the tasks of an overhead projector, a scanner, cart paper, a digital camera, and, often, even an interactive whiteboard. Teachers can now place any of their original documents under the doc cam and project it for the whole class to see conveniently and promptly instead of making 25 copies of the surprise quiz or essay writing. Over the coming years, a doc cam can save myriad trees and a big chunk of your photocopying budget. Doc camera scanners are generally web cameras with a high-resolution, so one can also take pics and record video with them! This incredible technology can project a page of a book or a three-dimensional object (basketball? skeleton?) on the screen for the whole classroom to visualize.   Features of the Novel Document Camera Scanners   A document camera scanner is one of the easiest and most useful tools for teachers available today. Also, the contemporary document scanners are available with many exciting features.   Remote With the help of the remote, you can move around the entire classroom and keep a check on students at work quite easily. Teachers can even pass the remote to students when they want to zoom in on a detail of the map or the wing of a butterfly.   Split Screen The latest document camera scanners have a split-screen feature that permits you to project two imageries side by side. So, for instance, you can display both an exam question and a sample student answer. This is how your students can finally understand the difference between weather and climate.   Computer Connection A document camera scanner has to be connected to a monitor or projector. Perfectly, though, it should be connected to a computer to let you do things like the take and keep photos and record audio and video.   Scanning Most document camera scanners allow you to snap a quick picture and store it either on the camera itself or on a connected PC. You will probably never need a typical scanner again. Check all the basic photo features like focus, freeze, and zoom.   Read the Fine Print The dual-lens camera for document scanning also has an optical zoom lens, granting you to zoom in on small print or illustrations. Microscope extras are accessible for many models, so you can give an evolving flower seed or a pollywog its big-screen debut.

How To Set Up Your Own Video Conferencing System?

Nov 26,2020

Setting up a video conferencing room has always been important in offices, mainly for convenient business meetings worldwide. But, in these pandemic days, it has become more critical now to have a video conferencing setup in offices as well as in homes. If you are living abroad, you need to be in constant touch with your family and friends. Also, working from home these days has made it mandatory to have a video conferencing setup. If you wish or need to have your own video conferencing system, then this article will for sure help you. Choose Components The first step for setting a video conferencing system would be the parts of the device you would require. So, here are the key components you will need. A built-in HDMI port if you want the output to a huge screen, e.g., a 32in TV. A dedicated gigabit or fast ethernet is suggested for good network performance, as wireless connectivity may prove to be unreliable for stable teleconferencing use. Get audio out & in ports, USB ports, and wiring to connect an external microphone and speakers if these are not available on the TV screen or device. A mouse and keyboard, preferably wireless for maximum comfort and convenient use. Video and Audio Setup For a high-quality virtual conference experience, you need to look upon your audio and video input devices' choice. A good quality external USB webcam is suggested. Even any economic one can enable more flexibility and control on your broadcasted video feed, in contrast to a device's built-in video camera, e.g., a laptop webcam. If you are planning for a multi-person conference, a good quality conference microphone is vital for providing good quality voice audio. After completing the video and audio setup on your video conferencing device, it's time to connect it with the latest Chrome or Firefox browser and properly check your audio and video feed. Start Your Conference Now that you have all the equipment for video conferencing in place using generic cost-effective hardware, you can start using it now. You can now invite people to join. Help first-time users to this simple guide to quickly explore the basics and join your meeting.

A Brief Guide on Document Scanners

Nov 5,2020

While a printer gives us a digital document on paper, a document scanner does the opposite. These devices are widely used in offices, schools, and other organizations due to their increased usefulness. Document Scanner makers mainly compete amongst each other on the basis of features, price, and reliability of the device.   Types of Documents Scanners  We live in a world that is increasingly adapting to technology, and having just a single type of scanner sounds limited. The two significant types of scanners include;   1.      Desktop Document Scanners  Apart from being greater in size, they are a bit like photocopiers. Sheet-fed and flatbed scanners fall in the category of desktop document scanners. While the former comes with a sheet feeder and allows sequential scanning, the latter has a glass plate with a cover. While using a flatbed scanner, you have to place the document on the glass plate and cover it to begin the scanning process. In the end, the outcome is transferred to the computer digitally. To further minimize manual operation, flatbed scanners often come with a sheet feeder.   2.      Portable Document Scanners  Foldable document scanners, pen scanners, and handheld wand scanners are basic examples of this type. The foldable ones scan an entire page in one go, while the other two allow you to scan a specific portion of a page. Moreover, these portable scanners are relatively lightweight, which means you can easily carry them around. There is no need to carry an additional adapter as they are powered by either battery or USB.   Benefits of a Document Scanner  A few of the benefits like keeping paper documents safe from any loss are very obvious, but there are some that need to be explained properly. They are as following;   ·         The portable scanners are good for traveling purposes as they can easily fit in a briefcase or bag ·         Being powered by batteries, you don’t have to worry about different electrical systems in various places ·         With sheet-fed scanners, an entire document can be scanned in a very short amount of time